Bonus: Aussie Bogan Speech

In this BONUS episode, we present to you the Bogan Speech and accompanying translation.

A Bogan is a type of Australian redneck whose speech is unintelligible, much like the Cajun swamp people of Louisiana.

There will be a $100 AUS reward (roughly $7.53 US currency) reward for the first person to correctly identify and define all of the Aussie slang herein!

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Sh*t Happens When Ya Piss Up in the Nuddy

In this episode we are joined by a pair of blokes from Straya: Dave Chaffey & Hank Evans from Man Brain podcast.

We have a chinwag about their homeland, their Jewish faith, gay marriage (Dave and Hank aren’t a couple!), and how Man Brain got started.

After that, Jason thoroughly embarrasses himself with the most terrible Aussie accent you’ll ever hear, as Man Brain and SHWYPN teach you Bogan slang!

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Sketched Out & Partying Naked

This week we are joined by Evan Kelly & Ethan Letourneau from University of New Hampshire’s Sketched Out Comedy Troupe.

We discuss in hilarious fashion a variety of hot-button current issues, such as Jimmy Carter’s peanuts, Shrek’s Ogre penis, and criminals who defecate on pizzas. We also talk about the creative process of crafting sketches as well as whether or not there is an inherent potential for comedy to be offensive in some way.

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We Out Here with Ken Weaver of Massive Potions

This week we are joined by Ken Weaver, who is a beer writer and the creator of the hilarious and fun webcomic Massive Potions! We chat about:

- the status of the beer industry

- Ken’s inspiration and motivation for creating a post-apocalyptic beer comic

- drawing penises in art school

- inappropriate nicknames for women you’ve only just met

BONUS: Chrissy opens the show by sending Jason on an epic rant about his classmates and his dentist.

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No Offense, But We Have an Off Color Discussion

In this very special episode, we are joined by Christian Wutzke of our sister podcast, the #No Offense Show, as well as Joe Bouley and Billy Chenowith of our former sister podcast, Off Colored Discussions.

We talk about Chris’ experience in New England, as well as the dissolution of Off Colored Discussions and whether or not going to college is worth it.

This episode also features an actual cake shaped like a penis as well as some really hilarious voice impressions, including some Sammy J!

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Team Alme "Plunges" Into Online Dating Culture

This week we’re joined by half the crew from The Plunge podcast, our Podcast New Hampshire brothas from another mothers. They shock us with the current state of online dating, which leads to Christina doing a bit of Tinder Trolling using Dave’s account.

She rewards us with a Samuel L. Jackson impression, and Jason tries to give the young Plunge boys some brotherly advice about erections while Joey Bin-Bin eats all Jason’s edibles.

Dive in!

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Transformed with Guest Remi Adeleke

Today we are joined by Remi Adeleke, a former Navy SEAL, speaker, author, and actor who went from dealing drugs to defending our country to Hollywood. He is the author of his memoir, Transformed, available January 2019, and he joins us for a chat about personal growth and transformation, as well as his past and which movies do a good job portraying Special Ops.

We also play a hilarious round of Can Chrissy Guess the Internet Acronym!

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My Safe Word is "Keep Going" with Comic Alana Foden

This week our guest is New Hampshire comic and Romance Consultant, Alana Foden. Alana is host of Comedy on Purpose and dishes out orgasms with Athena’s Home Novelties.

We enjoy some filthy (yet educational) discussion of human sexuality, butt stuff, porn, and also touch on the topic of casual sexism.

It’s fun for the whole family! (As long as your whole family is age 18+)

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Comics Watching Comics Host Kevin Gootee

Today we open the show by reminding everyone that we are the Premiere NSFW Network podcast by (lovingly) roasting Bicker Bots podcast.

Also, after weeks of procrastination, Jason finally has his semen analysis results! Lord knows everyone wants to hear that…

Finally we are joined by Kevin Gootee, the creator and host of Amazon show Comics Watching Comics to discuss his process for creating comedy, his inspiration for starting his show, as well as disdain for Corporate America and how rap music sucks nowadays.

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The Semen Cup

In this week’s episode, Jason & Chrissy play a guessing game involving Christina’s complete and total ignorance to internet jargon.

They also share their experience playing Fortnite with their nieces and nephews, and make some serious comments about smartphone addiction.

We wrap up with the latest in Jason’s Semen Sojourn, as he gives a Spunk Update - a Spunkdate, if you will - filled with thrills (he must get the semen cup to the hospital in under 30 minutes) and action (there is a car wreck)!

Also: Semen Cup sounds WAY more interesting than soccer.

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