It's Rainin' Potato

Riley & Hunter from The Plunge stop by to educate Chrissy & Jason on mumble rappers and what challenges have replaced Tide Pods / condom snorting. Jason has a thing or two to teach these youngsters too, like how to sneak more than 4 ounces of liquid onto an airplane and why people in previous decades enjoyed Jam Bands.

Along the way we learn that Riley's mom still makes his lunch, discuss the hidden perks to having a tattoo of Anne Frank on your face, and what transgressions will society at large accept from musical artists. Lots of Michael Jackson and R. Kelly talk here.


- What's wrong with nachos in New England?

- Is Post Malone Jewish?

- WTF is "yeet" and "swag points?"

- Cardi B's real name and origins confuse us all

- Are soundcloud rappers the equivalent of 90's white kid ska bands?

This is a hilarious episode not to be missed!

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