1 Year Anniversary Roast of Team Alme

In this special 2-hour episode, Chrissy & Jason celebrate the first anniversary of Sh*t Happens When You Party Naked by inviting some of the most hilarious & savage podcasters they know to come roast them! We start our second year with the funniest & most offensive episode we've ever made, featuring some of the funniest & most offensive comedians we've ever met!

Talent includes:

Chris & Melissa Wutzke of #No Offense

Jodie Byers of Po’ Boys

Dave Chaffey of Man Brain

Wade “PJ” Wilson of Bicker Bots

Joe Bouley of NE Pod Will Do

Amanda Strafford of Blunt Mommy

Brooke & Randal Fowler of Married AF

Jason Mattox & Devon Raynes of Heavyweight Chumps

Riley Trudel & Hunter Marcoux of The Plunge

Adam Simmons of Simmons & Moore

100% guaranteed to make you laugh or I’ll burn your house down!!!!!

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